Hello! Welcome to Fashion Bloggers over 30! We are an open community bringing over-thirty year-old fashion, style, beauty & body-image bloggers together for discussion, inspiration, and camaraderie. My hope is that we can build a strong group of formidable women growing, learning & educating together in this community of peers.

(whoa, that was really serious!! We’ll also have fun I hope…after all, who knows better how to have fun than women over 30??)

Here’s what’s on the way:

  • Discussion Forums – up now!! Please take a moment to register and post in the forums. Also, I’d love any feedback about topic/forum ideas and whether or not to make the forum completely private…and contact me – grechen (at) grechenscloset.com if you have any problems with the forums. I’m sure it will have some kinks in it!!
  • Featured Blogger – Every week we’ll be featuring a different blogger from the community. Stay tuned for details on submission guidelines
  • Directory – This is more of a “wishlist” item, but I’d like to get a directory installed so that each blogger over 30 can have her own “page” with a more than just a link to her blog…
  • Guest posts on everything from blogging to business – again, stay tuned for submission guidelines if you’re interested in writing a guest post

Is there anything else you’d like to see? What do you hope to get out of this community?

Again, welcome! And thanks for your interest.

Grechen & Elissa